After a brand new kitchen renovation I decided to combine my passion for cooking, renovating, creating and blog hunting all into one blog that I can share with you which features my culinary thoughts and creations.

Part of my new kitchen includes an LG range. It cooks and bakes using natural gas. This blog comes to you with the help of this beautiful and fun to use LG range!

Now here is where I may differ from some other “foodie” blogs you also love. I am a big experimenter in the kitchen. I love to find inspiration and tweek it to my own personal liking. Sometimes I like to cook or bake very simple recipes and other times I find myself getting a bit more adventurous and trying something a little more out of the box. I will tell you now that I am no Martha Stewart or Sara Britton but I can tell you I do love inspiration that comes from them and so many others. My family eats a vegetarian diet that includes seafood {pescatarians, if you will} so those are the kinds of meals I will feature.

I always strive to use fresh, organic and healthy ingredients but will also make suggestions of alternative ingredients that can and will help to make regularly cooking fresh meals daily, an easier feat! Part of what has enabled me to cook and bake regularly has been finding tips and tricks for simplifying the process entirely. I hope you will come join me!


1 thought on “About”

  1. I look forward to expanding my go-to recipes with some of yours. This is not the first time you have inspired me, nor will it be the last!

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